Sixteen Hectares And A Moose is the studio home for writer Anthony Ruttgaizer's creator-owned comic book work.  Sixteen Hectares' first title is The F1rst Hero, published by Action Lab Entertainment.  Volumes 1 and 2 are currently available for order via your favourite local comic shop.


Jake Roth knows the stark reality that everyone who manifests superpowers goes insane and becomes a threat to society. So, when Jake discovers that he, himself, has powers but has somehow kept his sanity, he has a life-or-death decision to make: Will he use his powers to help people but risk being hunted down by the government?  Or will he keep his powers a secret and remain safe while innocent people around him get hurt?

“THE F1RST HERO” is a unique new take on the superhero mythos, being published by Action Lab Entertainment.  Issue #1 hit comic store shelves on Wednesday August 27th 2014.  Written by Anthony, Volume 1 is illustrated by Phillip Sevy with colours/letters by Fred Stresing and series covers by Lee Moder.  Volume 2 is illustrated by Danny Zabbal with colours/letters again by Fred Stresing.

"A really, really good high concept.  It instantly offers a reader a character who we know will face tons of nasty challenges and a character who is unique in the world - always a good start."
- Ty Templeton: Writer/Artist, Batman Adventures

"I like the implicit sense of humour.  I like the idea that [superhumans] are shunned.  I like the dilemma."
- Mark Askwith: Senior Producer, Space Television

"Anthony Ruttgaizer has created a 'Mutant Registration Act' that actually makes sense."
- George Zotti: Owner, Silver Snail Comic Shops

"The premise sounds very interesting.  I'm inclined to think it'll be a hit."
- Richard Pace: Penciller, New Warriors/Starman

"I thought it was great."
- Tony S. Daniel: Writer/Artist, Detective Comics/Action Comics

"[Sevy] is ready to go!"
- Francis Manapul: Writer/Artist, Flash/Detective Comics

"Zabbal has the gift that few artists do, which is the ability to convey all manner of expression, both facial and physical, with deceptive simplicity."
- Graig Kent: Bleeding

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