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(20 March 2014) - They say idle hands make the devilís work.  What does that say about the amount of time everyone wastes on the internet? Anyways, every promoter whoís ever run a wrestling show has had wrestlers asking them about getting booked. The internet just means that more guys have an easier time sending those requests to more promoters. I have had some very talented and some very well known folks ask me about working for the Union of Independent Professional Wrestlers. Iíve also had a small handful of real weirdos contact me. Here is the saga of one such nutcase, told through the glory of his e-mails. (Read the rest of this blog entry...)

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Saturday Apr 19 - GTA Comic Con, Sheraton Airport Hotel, Toronto, Ont
Sunday April 27 - Victory Commonwealth Wrestling, Toronto, Ont
Sunday May 25 - Wrestlers Union, Rockpile East, Scarborough, Ont
Sunday July 13 - Wrestlers Union, Rockpile East, Scarborough, Ont
Sunday August 24 - Fringe Pro Wrestling, Stoney Creek United Church, Hamilton, Ont
Wednesday Aug 27 - Silver Snail Comic Shop, Toronto, Ont
Aug 28-31 - Fan Expo Canada, Metro Toronto Convention Centre, Toronto, Ont
Oct 9-12 - New York Comic Con, Jacob Javits Convention Center, NYC, NY


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